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Assembly Mobile Stair Scaffold

Assembly Instruction Mobile Stair Scaffold 3mtr Platform Height

Fit Caster Wheel in 2 six rung frame and turn the caster wheels, so that they point outword and engage the brake See pic A.

Snap 2 horizontal brace on the frame lower rung with hook facing outward from inside or downward. Check base with spirit level on both side, adjust the wheel if necessary. See pic B

Fit trapdoor platform on 5th rung and engage wind lock. See pic C

Sitting on the trap door opening of the platform fit 2 horizontal brace both the sides of the frame on 6th rung. Fit one 5 rung frame and one 3 Rung frame on the lower frames and snap locking pin. See pic D

Join 1 rung frames with wheel to 6 rung frames with bracing frame. See pic E

Fit stair to the unit and engage wind lock of the stairs See pic F

Fit Handrail on the stairs. Fit 2 stabilizer to the unit on both the side See pic G

Remove platform from 5th rung and standing on the guarded stair fit platform to the 9th rung and engage wind lock. Fit bracing frame on each side of the platform. Fit the toe Board. Close the safety gate. See pic H

Height Converter

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