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Perpetual Recycling

In recent years, the case for aluminium has become even stronger. As the world has awaken up to the need for more sustainable products, product developers are turning more and more towards aluminium. Although the first time production of aluminium from bauxite is energy - intensive, the material can from then on be recycled virtually indefinitely. Aluminium recycling takes only 13 kWh per kilogram, just 5% of the energy needed for its original production.

For us, corporate responsibility is about:

  • Environment
  • Marketplace (Suppliers & Customers)
  • Workplace (Employees & Training)
  • Community

ASCEND knows that every proceedings has an impact on the employees, our vendors and the clients. As a cautious manufacturer we make sure that everything is according to the standards set by the industry. ASCEND has confirmed a reliable approach to business practice through the responsible development, resourcing and marketing of our products and is dedicated to guarantee the health and safety of its workforce, and all others affected by the trade.

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