ASCEND FRP Cable Traysas

Ascend Advanced Composite Pvt. Ltd., We are an excellent range of FRP Cable Trays supplier in Dubai, UAE. These cable trays are manufactured with the aid of cutting edge techniques using high quality fiber-reinforced plastic under the vigilance of our professionals. FRP cable trays are made using high quality pultruded material which can withstand any environment or chemicals. These are generally used for the installation of power cables and control cables. Other features that make FRP cable trays unique

Options are available in cable trays. FRP Cable trays are attractive in design, elegant and lighter in weight than Steel Cable trays. It meets the requirements of?NEMA?(National Electric Manufacturers Associations) and?UL?(Underwriters Laboratories, Inc).


SideFRP Pultruded Section
RungFRP Sq. Hollow tube/Unistrut/Flat
Length of Cable Trays2 mtr, 3 mtr & 6 mtr
Width of Cable Trays100/150/300/450/600/750/900 (in MM)
Rung Spacing250mm / 300 mm
Radius Fittings300mm / 600 mm
Material of Side Rail and RungCorrosion Resistance Polyester-Isopthelic / Vinyl ester, Flame Retardant UV stabilized resin system and Glass fiber (Min glass content 50 to 60%)

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