Ascend Fiber Glass Scaffold

Size of fiberglass tube: 50.8*3.2 Advantages: 

1: Nanotechnology adopted, more stable and durable. Dielectric strength: 220KV, especially used for electric works

2. Main tubes are made of reinforced fiberglass, non-conductive, resistance to spark, oxidation resistance, resistant to corrosion

3. 3.2mm thickness and tube dia. Of 50.8mm ensure anti-twist and anti-deformation performance, suitable for indoor and outdoor use

4. Mainly combined with 3-rung frame and 4-rung frame, time and labor cost-saving in installation and disassembly, also easy and convenient for transportation and storage when disassembled

5. Their horizontal braces, diagonal braces, diagonal ligaments provide double-guarantee on tight connection of each parts and stable structure

6. Max. Loading: 720kg, 4-5 operators can work on at the same time with other tools, largely improve working efficieny. 

7. Movement with casters, conveniently work at different sites, pedal brakes are used to control fixation and movement of casters

8. In compliance with GB17620-2008 and EN1004

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