Ascend FRP is a well-known manufacturer of high-quality FRP (Fiber Reinforced Polymer) fences. Fiberglass Fences are easy to install, use & maintain as well. Ascend FRP Fence is available in a variety of colors and sizes as per the Client’s requirements. We are fully equipped to design, manufacture and install fencing systems on a turnkey basis for your valuable requirements.

Since it is non-magnetic and radio transparent, FRP Fencing is also very suitable for use in airports or radio stations, where interference to RF signals is a concern.

Key advantages:

Strong and durable
Non Corrosive and Weather Resistance
High Physical and Mechanical Strength
UV resistant, Aesthetically appealing, Flexibility in design, Light in Weight, and hence easy to handle and install
Economical & cost-effective
Due to Non-conductive to high dielectric strength
Sturdy and Structurally Stable
Fire retardant
Anti Theft material

Area of Applications:

 Chemical industries
 Fencing for city road dividers
 Staircase fencing
 Fencing for electrical transformers or substations
 Fencing for gardens/houses
 Industrial Fencing
 Marine installations like gangways, access bridges, and walkways

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