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Assembly Instruction Span 50 Single Width Ladder Frame 6.8 mtr High

The law requires that personnel erecting, dismantling or altering towers must be competent. Any person erecting ASCEND mobile tower must have a copy of this guide.

Fit caster wheel with adjustable jack in Two rung Span 50 frame and ladder frame. Turn the caster wheels so that they points outward and engage the brake. See Picture A.

Fit horizontal brace (Blue) in one ladder and another standard vertical frame lowest rung and lock to the frame with hook facing out ward from inside or downwards. Never snap braces with hook facing inward from outward. Attach one three rung span frame and three rung ladder frame to the lower frames, snap one diagonal brace (yellow) From 1st to 3rd rung See Picture B.

Fit another Diagonal brace to the other side from 1st rung to the 3rd rung in opposite direction. Take care to keep the braces in line.
Attach platform to the 3rd rung, ensure wind locks of platform engaged and trap door opens to the ladder side. Attach two horizontal brace at knee height and waist height at both side on 4th and 5th rung on both the side. Check the base with a spirit level in both vertical and horizontal directions and adjust the nut if necessary.

Standing on the guarded platform assemble one 4 rung standard and one 4 rung ladder frame to the lower frames and insert locking pin. See Picture C.

Fix one diagonal brace on both side on 4th to 6th rung, in opposite direction. Fit stabilizers to the base unit. Adjust the telescopic leg of the stabilizer to give firm support to the ground. Position the stabilizers so that the footpads are approximately equidistant from each other at approximately 45 degrees for maximum stability. See Picture D.

Fit Trapdoor Platform to the 7th rung of the tower, ensure windlocks are engaged on platform. Sitting on the trapdoor opening of Platform Snap two Horizontal Braceon 8th and 9th rungs both the side. See Picture E.

Standing on the guarded platform, install additional standard and ladder frame, insert Locking pin to the frame. Snap 1 Diagonal brace on 7th to 9th and 10th to 12th rung, both the side, in opposite direction. See Pic F.

Fit trapdoor platform from on to 11th rung. Sitting on the trapdoor opening of the platform snap 2 horizontal braces to the 12th and 13th rung on both the exposed sides to form hand rail to stand on platform. see pic G.

Fit Toe Board to the platform. See Pic H.

Fitting the toe boards: Slide the side boards into the correct slot in the end boards ensuring that object connect fall through and the trapdoor can open fully.

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